FindStatFact 0: Introduction

We believe that the FindStat database at contains many interesting connections – most of which are probably known, but others are yet to be found and proven.

We created this blog to post statistics that appear to be connected through combinatorial maps between various combinatorial collections, and

  • which we think are worth sharing, and
  • for which we would like to ask the community to come up with an explanation.

Currently, we plan to only post the plain observations from the database — FindStatFact1 will contain an example of how to play with the database to find such connections. We only post connections that we find surprising, seeking for a (more or less) detailed explanation or a reference in the literature.

If it turns out that we find multiple interesting and unexpected connections (previously known and unknown), we plan to publish these connections. Before doing so, we will ask anyone who contributed a solution or reference, for his/her agreement for including it with a corresponding acknowledgement in the publication. Obviously, this will only happen once we have collected enough connections, most likely not within the first year of this blog.


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